IMDb Top 250

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has a list of the 250 best films, as rated by users of IMDb.
I’ve been a member of IMDb for years, and have seen and rated over 1800 films. (Of those 1800, only a few are tv-shows, video games and dvd/tv specials. I do not rate individual tv episodes, except for Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged performance)

This list is not just any list made up by some magazine editor or something. As said, it’s a list that consist of votes by IMDb users. A film needs at least 1300 votes before it appears on the list which means that if it appears on the list, at least 1300 people think it’s a good movie: the lowest rated movie still gets an 8.0 on a scale of 1-10. And although a movie needs 1300 votes, the movie on the list with the least number of votes still has over 4000 votes.
Now, seeing a film from this list is no guarantee for success. It all depends on your taste in movies, but overall it’s a pretty good indication.

For a long time I’ve kept track of the movies on the list that I’ve seen, and I wanted to see every movie on the list. Of course, this is an ever-changing list as new movies come out every week and some of them make it on the list.
When I started I simply copied the HTML file and coloured all films that I’ve seen green. I did this about once a month. This was a tedious task but fortunately about two years ago someone made a web application that kept track of the Top 250, called You could register and tick off all the movies you’d seen. Once a day the list was updated (just like the IMDB Top 250 itself) and you could see if there were any new movies on the list.
However, that site went down a few months ago and I had to do it all by hand again. But luckily, there now is an alternative! Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you:

As you can see from my list I’ve seen over 210 movies on the list, so there are less than 40 movies for me to watch!
If you love movies as much as I do, register!

Update July 21, 2012: is still down at the moment, but its creator made a Facebook application that does the same thing. However, I prefer the list linked above. As of today, I’ve seen 230 movies on the list. I’m getting closer!