On April 17, it’s been 5 years since I registered on (or AudioScrobbler as it was known back then). For those who don’t know what it is: keeps track of all the music you listen to, either using the player or using a plugin for whatever music player you use (Winamp in my case)
In those five years, I have listened to over 41000 songs. That’s 22 songs per day on average.
A few days ago I noticed that my sister, who registered 4 months after me, listened to almost 46000 songs. This got me thinking: did she really play more music than me?
Well, in terms of songs: obviously yes. On the computer that is. I own an mp3 player as well (an awesome Zen Vision:M) that I use extensively when my computer is not on, for example on vacation or when I take the train to go somewhere. Also, I often listen to some music just before I go to sleep.
I also listen to the radio quite often, but so does my sister so that more or less cancels out.
Note that I said “in terms of songs”, because probably the biggest difference between my sister and me is the kind of music we listen to:

┬áMy sister’s top 10 artists

My own top 10 artists

As you can see, the entire “Top 10 artists” of my sisters consists of “pop music”, which probably have an average song length of 3 minutes. Her top 10 makes up over 30000 songs, which is 65% of her total collection!
My top 10 consists of 8 “3 minute artists” and Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, who often make songs over 5 minutes and some even over 10 minutes. (Side note: I checked, LZ has an average song length of 5 minutes and 29 seconds. PF’s average is 4:51, but that includes the album The Wall which has many short songs that I don’t listen too often) My top 10 is less than 6000 songs which leaves 35000 songs by other artists, many of them have long songs.
So in terms of total listening time, I think I “outrank” my sister. Phew…