The End of an Era

On April 25, 2000 I started a new website about a game that my friend Zef Hemel introduced to me a while earlier: Liero. It started out small but became larger and larger and at its peak it was one of the most active Liero websites. Its forum was visited by many players.
With the introduction of the first Service Pack for Windows XP in 2002 playing Liero became less fun because you could only play it without sound. In part because of that, less and less people played Liero. Projects like LOSP (Liero OpenSource Project) and Gusanos brought some new life to the community, but it didn’t last till eternity. LOSP was abandoned by its author who joined Gusanos. The last version of Gusanos was released on January 31, 2006: three years ago tomorrow. If Gusanos had continued to be an active project, who knows what would have happened? But unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Liero is dead. LOSP is dead. Gusanos is dead. And now, LieroNet is dead.

Like the title says: it’s the end of an era. Liero has been a part of my life for many years, and I always loved the game and its sequels. I loved working on LieroNet and I loved working on LieroM8.
But all good things must come to an end, and now it’s the end of LieroNet.
You can read my final statement at starting tomorrow. Once LieroNet is gone forever, I will archive the page and probably write an elaborate history on my main site.

Goodbye LieroNet, you will be remember by many for a long, long time.